POPUZ BUILD 'N' SOUND 3D PUZZLE - African Savannah

Brand: Happy Distribution

SKU: PP1111

Minimum Order: 3 Units

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Product Descriptions:

Introducing our innovative product, BUILD 'N' SOUND, designed based on the STEAM Education approach, offering a unique learning and building experience centered around animals and plants. Dive into the world of knowledge with cue cards that provide insightful information about various features of the animals, coupled with engaging puzzles to build vibrant 3D models.

Eco-Friendly Design:
We are proud to present an eco-conscious approach to play and construction. Both the product and packaging are crafted from FSC paper derived from sustainable sources. The use of vegetable ink in printing aligns with our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. This ensures an eco-friendly way for children to build and play.

Non-Plastic Components:
Our BUILD 'N' SOUND 3D Puzzle allows children to construct vivid animal models without the use of plastic components. This aligns with our mission to provide an eco-friendly alternative, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Key Benefits for Child Development:

Naturalistic Intelligence: Explore and understand the natural world through engaging animal and plant models.
Hand-Eye Coordination: Enhance coordination through the process of assembling 3D puzzles.
Spatial Construction: Develop spatial awareness and construction skills while creating unique models.
Cognitive Skills: Stimulate cognitive abilities by combining learning about animals with hands-on construction.



  • Package: 10.8cm X 3.5cm X 19.4cm
  • Age: 6 +

RRP: $19.95

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