mierEdu Magnetic Puzzle Play Kits

Brand: Happy Distribution

SKU: ME092

Minimum Order: 3 Units

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Product Descriptions:

Magnetic puzzle play kits help children create their own community and own museums through the power of imagination-driven play. It features 6 brilliant play scenes from the supermarket, kindergarten, and pet hospital, dinosaur museum, space museum, and aquarium, along with more than 120 magnets to play with. Children can play on the table or even on the wall with the included magnetic wall sticker. Develop fine motor skills and an understanding of the community surrounding them with rich playful experiences while inspiring scientific wonder.


  • Package: 65 cm x 44 cm x 29.5 cm
  • Includes: 1 Playset | 3 Play scenes | 3 Story Cards | 1 Magnetic Play Panel | 1 Magnetic Wall Sticker | 121 -193 Magnetic Puzzle Pieces | 3 Puzzle Storage Boxes
  • Age: 3+
  • Minimum Order: 2 Units


RRP: $59.95

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