mierEdu MagicGO™ Drawing Board

Brand: Happy Distribution

SKU: ME221

Minimum Order: 3 Units

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Product Descriptions: 

A beautiful eco-friendly magnetic drawing board for hours of creative play. Doodle, write or draw with the attached stylus pen and use four themed magnetic stamps to create your masterpieces. It's easy to erase by simple magic clap of your hand or erase with the magnetic shapes.


  1. Perfect for on-the-go play, compact and lightweight board with four vivid colours.
  2. Magic “clap” to clear the board in seconds.
  3. Use the stamp as an eraser on the back to wipe doodles for specific area.
  4. Sturdy cardboard with rounded edges and soft corners
  5. 1 big stencil and 20 step-by-step drawings to develop drawing skills.
  6. Includes 4 magnetic stamps a wooden pencil attached with cotton string.


  • Package: 34.4cm X 29.8 cm X 4cm
  • Includes: 1 drawing board | 20 step-by-step cards | 4 stencils | 4 magnetic stamps | 1 wooden pencil
  • Age: 3+
  • Minimum Orders: 3 Units

RRP: $20.00

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