KOKO Cardboards 3D MASKS

Brand: Happy Distribution


Minimum Order: 3 Units

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Do your kids love dinosaurs or unicorns?

Bring your child to the prehistoric world and a fairy-tale world,, thanks to our costumes!

When you buy the DIY (do it yourself) 3D masks, you will get all you need to assemble it yourself. The only thing you need more is scissors and glue. The kit comes with paper instructions that will help you create the costume within an hour.

Thanks to the adjustable headband inside the mask, you can adjust the size to fit any head, even an adult!

A big plus is that you can decorate it yourself. When you get bored of the “clean mask” you can give it a second life by painting or wrapping the T-rex/Unicorn in your own way.

Product Package: 45.5cmX31cmX3cm, 0.5kg


RRP: $49.00

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