TOI Clock Series

Brand: Happy Distribution

SKU: TP031

Minimum Order: 3 Units

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Product Descriptions:

The new version of the special-shaped small clock adopts the images of blue elephants and brown bears that children like. The colours are bright, and the cute packages are well designed and aim at the safety of play.

The innovative linkage clock design allows children to learn clock logic simply and clearly. The back of the clock adopts a bracket support design, which is a practical teaching aid as well as a beautiful clock ornament.


Focusing on "children's development of six skills":

* Hand-eye-brain coordination 

*Ability of language organization 

*Ability of language organization

*Ability of logical combination 

*Learn the meanings of sequence and order 

*Fine motions

Through games, children can constantly improve their abilities during playing to achieve the effect of edutainment.


Bear Specifications:

Package: 13.5cm X 8.3cm

Material: Wood

Age: 3+


Elephant Specifications:

Package: 16.8cm X 7.3cm

Material: Wood

Age: 3+


RRP: $12.95

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