TOI Gorde Puzzles Series

Brand: Happy Distribution

SKU: TP973

Minimum Order: 3 Units

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* Land Construction Car (TP970), Marine Animals (TP971) and Farm Animals (TP972): Sold Out, Backorder Only *


Product Descriptions:

Suitable for toddlers and babies, these hexagon-shaped boxes feature four different puzzle patterns. The unique cartoon imagery of the designs makes the puzzle interesting and vivid, with the number of pieces increasing from easy to difficult. This helps train children's thinking ability and hand-eye coordination. The pieces are large, easy to grasp, and the colour of the backside is easy for them to distinguish. These puzzles are made with a matte and dark fringe pattern design which is non-reflective.



  • Materials: Paper, cardboard
  • Package: 22cm x 19cm x 8cm
  • Includes: 4- 6 Puzzles varying between 4-7 pieces
  • Age: 2+
  • Minimum order: 3 Units


RRP: $19.95

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